Welcome to the website of the Benedictine Social Centre, Cramlington, Northumberland. 
Or as we say, "Welcome to The Ben

"The Bene" (pronounced 'Benny', of course...) opened in 1975 and has proved to be a very popular gathering place ever since.

As well as the usual club activities we can cater for weddings, funerals, christenings, meetings and conferences.

There is entertainment every Friday, Saturday and Sunday - including live music, bingo, dog racing and quizzes. We are able to show  most  of Newcastle Utd League games - LIVE.

To see details of forthcoming             Saturday night entertainment click here

Within the club we have sections which raise funds to support their own special activities - darts, pool, football and fishing.  Others give their time to raising money for charitable causes.


Application forms are available at the club 


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